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MrGroove is the artist name of the Dutch bass player/singer Marcel Ritsema. He lives in Groningen, a dynamic city in the north of The Netherlands.

At the age of 16 he started playing guitar and keyboards, but soon found out he was made for playing bass guitar. In the early eighties there was a Dutch band called "Doe Maar". Their bass player Henny Vrienten had a big influence on Marcel. He studied all bass parts of Henny and combined it (like Henny) with singing simultaneously. This helped him a lot to sing lead vocals and play bass at the same time, an advantage for performing with live bands.

Marcel played in many bands over the years. It started with the band called "Waarom Niet" (translated: Why Not), they played reggae/ska music with Dutch Lyrics. The band was quite famous in the region. A record label contacted them and promised a big future. There were some recordings made, but in the end the label bailed out. Mostly because of the immature lyrics. There got some tension between the band members and the band broke up.

Marcel discovered the joy of cover bands, an easy way to perform on many stages and earning some cash.

Inspired by the folks over at Cubase.net, Marcel started song writing again. The money made with the cover bands got invested in a home studio and creating own music began. His next goal is to write enough material for a complete album.

He is a member of the cover band Vibes at the moment. A fine band with a great female singer called Joanne, she also performs on some MrGroove songs.

Besides the music adventures, Marcel has a day job as IT project manager at provincie Groningen. He lives together with his beautiful girlfriend Bianca, their 2 dogs, 4 cats and 2 rabbits.
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